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We are pleased to report that Phase 1 is now officially closed – the final bills have now been paid! This means that we can now confirm the good news that Phase 1 cost less than the amount initially forecast:

Phase 1 Fundraising Target: £230,000

Total Phase 1 Funds Raising (inc grants): £211,648

Phase 1 Actual Cost (minus VAT reclaimed): £162,535

Donations carried over from Phase 1: £49,113

This means that we have been able to rollover the additional amount of donations contributed into Phase 2.

We now also have estimates for how much the next Phase of repairs will also cost. The goal is for all outstanding repair work to be combined into one lot of work. This however depends on the next round of fundraising and how much we are able to raise. The work will be broken down based on available funds if necessary, and the actual figures may again change once the work is put out to tender. The amount held by the PCC will once again be used as a fund-matching base for the additional grants we will be applying for.

Phase 2 Fundraising Target: £260,000

Current Phase 2 Fundraising Total: £51,232 (as at 2.3.18)

So now we have these figures, the Fundraising Team are all ready to crack on with those grant applications and hopefully again helping to co-ordinate a series of fun events which we can all enjoy while we raise the money to complete these vital repairs to our beautiful church.

So please get in touch if you have any ideas or any event you’d like to run this year. No idea is too small and all your input and support is always appreciated!

With thanks from the Fundraising Team