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We are very pleased that our ARC Project is one of the three good causes to be put forward to receive a proportion of the £1000 recycling incentive scheme good cause donation fund from Bracknell Forest Council.

The cause will receive point donations from 1st May through to 31st July. To help us receive more of the money available, log into your Bracknell Forest account and donate your recycling reward points:


A point counts as a vote, and when the donation period ends, the points total is recorded and £1,000 is split between the three causes. The funds are split in proportion to the points donated to each cause, so please give us as many points as you can spare!

You can find out more here: www.bracknell-forest.gov.uk/bins-and-recycling/recycling-incentive-scheme/good-causes

If you’re not already signed up for rewards, you can sign up here:


You should still be registered in time to be able to collect points to donate before the 31st July cut-off!