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Repairs Summary:

In October 2015 our Churchwardens organised a survey to be carried out on All Saints’ church. The survey identified an increasing backlog of repairs which need to be carried out on the church roof, drainage system, guttering and walls. The report highlighted issues which need to be fixed to reduce the risk of significant failure and irreparable damage to historic fabric.

The report prioritised areas of concern, with the most urgent points being the poor condition of the roof coverings, which has already led to problems with water ingress in some areas. It has been recommended that the PCC implement a thorough overhaul of the roofs to remove inherently poor and defective detailing within the next 18 months.

In order to allow for the financing of this major project, the repair work has been broken down into phases including:

Phase 1:

The first phase focused on replacing the eastern roofs and valleys covering the Lady Chapel, the Chancel, North Chapel and organ, fixing some of the damaged stonework and drainage repairs. Work started in Summer 2017, with the building work completed in November 2017.

The cost for this phase was £162,535 + VAT (which we were able to recover). From the money raised we were able to rollover £49,113 to start the 2nd Phase.

Phase 2:

The next phase of work is currently estimated to cost £260,000 + VAT, and this would include replacing the rest of the roof of the church.

Total Project Cost (of these and further phases)

To complete all of the repairs and make needed improvements, we are looking at having to raise around £750,000 in total.




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