Are you a UK Tax Payer? Help us receive more…!

Gift Aid, enables us to claim an additional 25%* of the amount you donate from the UK government, this equates to an additionally £0.25 for every £1 donated. That may not sound a lot? But, as the saying goes, every little helps, and those £0.25 soon become 10s, if not 100s, of pounds. So please, take that little extra time to gift aid your donation.

To be eligible to Gift Aid your donation you must be a UK Tax Payer and the Gift Aid claimed against all of your donations cannot exceed the amount of Income and/or Capital Gains tax you pay in any given tax year. If it does, then it is your responsibility to declare and pay the difference.

The Parish Giving Scheme and our online donation platform for one-off donations will process Gift Aid for us. It you are making a donation via any other method, it would be great if you could ensure we have a Gift Aid Declaration on record for you. Please download, print and complete our Gift Aid Declaration Form

The form includes instructions on where to send your completed form. If you are unable to print the form, please contact the Church Office