Ranelagh School is a Church of England secondary school in Bracknell: www.ranelagh.bracknell-forest.sch.uk

The Ranelagh School admissions policy is subject to change and can be found here:

As one of the churches in the parishes that surround Ranelagh we help families to fulfil the Ranelagh admissions criteria

1) Important! – Church Electoral Roll
One or both of primary carers need to be on the Church Electoral Roll (ER). This should be done as soon as your child starts Binfield CE Primary School if possible. Ranelagh look to see how many years you have been on the roll and award ‘points’ based on this. Do not panic if you don’t have full points as it won’t stop you applying and children have got in on 1 or 2 points before. When deciding which/both parent/carers will be on the electoral roll please consider the next point:

2) Church Attendance
When your child reaches Year 5 at school you need to regularly attend church. If you are intending to attend All Saints’, Binfield we have a register at the back of church and it is the named person on the electoral roll that will need to sign in at least once a month for 12 months.

Please download our Electoral roll form. If you live in our parish then you can join straight away. New joiners are officially added each April.

Please do get in touch if you have any other questions:  office@binfieldcofechurches.org.uk