Homelessness is something we hear about and, for some, experience. The lack of a hot meal, shower, haircut or even someone to talk to is reality for those facing homelessness in our borough…

Local initiatives have been put in place by Bracknell Forest Council to help rough sleepers and they were provided with rooms in sheltered accommodation and bed & breakfasts.  Whilst this is fantastic news, there remains a need to support them with food and cooking.  Many of them have access to a kettle and shared microwave but sadly not everyone has access to cooking facilities.  The program provides home cooked meals along with essential supplies – approximately 300 balanced meals, long life drinks and basic toiletries are being delivered on a regular basis to those in need.

The program survives on monetary donations, the generosity of local contributions, and individuals who give their time and energy to cook, pack and deliver.  Winter is always expected to be very tough, with increased need and limited facilities. Your continued support is invaluable.  

The team are currently delivering foods twice a week to a number of local people, some are in emergency accommodation, some are transitioning to a forever home and there are even people living in their cars. We are cooking meals and helping with the provision of packed lunches.

Items in constant need are:

  • Washing powder
  • Toilet roll
  • Shower gel
  • Long life fruit juices
  • Cereal bars
  • Crisps
  • Microwavable puddings
  • Bottles of squash
  • Pot noodles/Pasta mugs

Items can be delivered to St Mark’s Church on the second Tuesday of the month from 3.30pm till 5.00pm.

Please see the latest copy of the Beacon for any additional supplies which would be helpful, and monetary donations would also be very gratefully received. Please click here for details on how to make a one-off donation, and please include “Lighthouse” as a reference.

Below are a few testimonials from some of the people the project has supported…

“I’m really enjoying eating meat because I can’t afford it. I love the chilli and the burrito meals”

“Hi Amanda, there is nothing that I don’t like that you deliver.  I am enjoying ALL the meals. There is not a single thing I would not want to receive.  Know that every single bit of effort your side is worth it from myside.    I don’t have any Christmas meal planned, if I can get involved somehow, I would like to”

“Just ringing to say thank you for the gorgeous foods, I eat two meals at once when they arrive on a Tuesday”

“Thank you again so, so much, the foods and extras are very much appreciated.  I can’t wait to get back on my feet again, but now please believe me when I tell you that you’re helping save my life (from myself)”

“Thanks Amanda and Team, without all the foods that you deliver I don’t know how we would feed the children.  Before you helped us, I sent the children to neighbours for a jam sandwich because our shelves were empty”

“You can send more curry love, thanks again”

“Sometimes I think you are a real Angel; the food came at the right time just when I needed the help”

“When I can, when this period is behind me, I will help you as you have helped me!!