If you live in our parish or regularly attend our services then you are eligible to join our Electoral Roll (ER).

Why Join?

  • To show you are a member of our congregation – the ER is a measure of how strong we are as a church.
  • Voting – The ER is our official list of who can vote at our Annual Parochial Church Meeting.  So if you would like to have a say about how Binfield runs its churches then please sign up!
  • Marriage – if you would like to get married in our church but do not live in our parish or have any of the other qualifying connections, then your only option is to join the ER.
  • Baptism – similar to weddings, if you would like yourself or your child to be baptised in our church, but do not live in the parish of Binfield, then you will need to join our ER.

How do I join the Electoral Roll?

Please download and complete this form

You then need to return it to the Church Office (St Mark’s Church, Popeswood Road, Binfield, RG42 4AH or email) with a photo of yourself.

If you live in the Parish of Binfield (you can check by going to achurchnearyou.com) then Luke, our Rector, will sign your form and you will officially be entered onto the list in the April after you submit your form.

If you don’t live in the Parish of Binfield, then you will need to attend our church services regularly for 6 months before you can join the ER.  Please come along to any Sunday service and introduce yourself to Luke and he will help you find out what you need to do.


If you have any questions please call 01344 421079 or email office@binfieldcofechurches.org.uk