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We are incredibly blessed to be the custodians of our two beautiful churches in Binfield: All Saints’ at the North end and St. Mark’s to the South, and of our Parish Cemetery.

All Saints’ Church, Binfield; a Grade II* listed building, the origins of which date back to Norman times. All Saints’ is currently used for Sunday worship, baptisms, weddings, funerals and special events such as Remembrance Day and Christingle.

Maintaining a Grade II* Listed building is a continual and expensive endeavour. Nevertheless, it is crucial so that we retain our historic and cultural heritage. And for All Saints’, a place of worship and congregation for almost a 1000 years, the continuation of that worship.

St Mark’s Church, Binfield: Built in 1867 and Grade II listed, St Mark’s is ideal for more intimate worship, group activities and our acclaimed outreach programs that are invaluable to the less fortunate and vulnerable in our community.

Despite being a much younger than All Saints’, St Mark’s still requires continued maintenance to ensure it is fit for purpose; allowing the community of Binfield to use and enjoy and to provide a sanctuary to those within our community that have nowhere to call home.

We are also responsible for taking care of the local Stubbs Hill Cemetery, which has been in use since 1888 and in which any one in the Parish is entitled to be buried if they so wish.

When we face a critical repair, a major renovation or a much needed improvement, our regular income is insufficient to fund such work. Therefore, for these strategic projects, we have a dedicated fundraising initiative.

The Church Care Project

The Binfield ARC [All Saints’ Repair and Care] Project was launched in 2016 to raise funds for the repairs of the church after a survey revealed the need to urgently address them. With the amazing support of the community, the Project has been hugely successful and much of the repair work has been carried out.

However, there is still more work to be done, and with the collapse of the ceiling at St. Mark’s in 2020, and significant maintenance needing to be carried out at the Cemetery, it has become clear that our fundraising needs a wider remit to be able to support all of our spaces. 

The Church Care Project has therefore been created to raise funds to achieve this*, and we are hoping that the fantastic support shown for the ARC Project will continue.

Please see our Church Care Donations page for information on how to donate to the project.

*Any money previously raised for the ARC Project will continue to be restricted for work on All Saints’ only.

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