Why Give?

As followers of Jesus, we give not because we have to but because God first gave to us and we do so with a joyful heart and generous spirit. Giving is our response to God’s generosity to us. Generous giving blesses others and supplies the needs of God’s people, it is also an act of obedience and trust – in doing it we are saying that it is God, not ourselves or anyone else, who ultimately provides for our needs. Giving should never be forced or grudging, but rather voluntary and cheerful.

Giving financially is just one way of expressing generosity. If you’re struggling financially or in debt, we encourage you to express generosity in a non-financial way by serving on a team, praying for the Church, or being generous with your time towards others.
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Which Is The Best Way To Give?

We are grateful for each gift, no matter what the amount or how the gift is made. However, if you consider yourself a part of All Saints’ with St. Mark’s churches and are in a position to give financially, or would just like to give to support us, we would love for you to consider setting up a regular, monthly gift.

Regular giving is crucial for us as it enables us to plan impactful, long-term projects and to help as many people as possible follow Jesus and his teachings. Right now, you can give regularly by joining the Parish Giving Scheme. Please see the links below for more information on this and other donation methods…

Adding Gift Aid to your Donation

Other Ways to Support Us…

We appreciate any way that you are able to help us, be it financially or through your time or talents. You can find information below on some of the other ways in which you can support us, or just drop us an email office@binfieldcofechurches.org.uk