Wednesday Women’s Walk is, as it say’s, a walk for women on a Wednesday, typically the first and the third Wednesdays of the month.

The gentle 2/3 mile walks, in and around Binfield village, are for women of mixed ages and abilities.

The walks go ahead in all weathers, so decent footwear is often a must, as well as water proofs, with the British climate!

Each walk always starts at 9am outside Foxes’ Den Café and finishes there at 10am for a coffee.

Ladies are welcome to come along just for the time in Foxes’ Den, at around 10am, if they aren’t able to make the walk beforehand.womenswalkjuly16

Once a term we go for walks in other places of beauty, such as Sonning, Dinton Pastures or anywhere that has a decent coffee shop for some form of refreshment during the morning.

If you are interested in coming along just check out the dates in the Binfield Beacon and turn up at Crema coffee shop at 9am.

To find out more, please contact Gisele or the church office.