Updated: 15 August 2020

Wednesday Opening

All Saints’ is open for private prayer on Wednesdays from 11:00 to 13:00. The first hour is silent prayer; during the second hour, quiet church music is played. As of 8 August, government guidelines require that Face Coverings are worn inside places of worship.

Sunday Services

We are thrilled once again to welcome you to Sunday Worship at All Saints’ Church. However, we must operate in accordance with government guidelines [COVID-19: guidance for the safe use of places of worship during the pandemicupdated 17 July 2020] . Please familiarise yourself with the below and adhere to them while attending the service. Doing so, will help us run a smooth, and most importantly a safe service, for all to enjoy. Thanking you for your understanding.

Time of Service

One service per weekend on Sunday at 10:00am.

Arriving | Leaving

Welcomers will guide you through a one-way system to your seat on arrival and coordinating leaving at the end of the service. This is for everyone’s safety; please follow their advice.

Format of Service

Said Service, with Communion.

Service Booklet

The Order of Service will be displayed on screen at the front of the church. However, not all seating will be able to view the screen. You are welcome to download the Order of Service and bring with you on a mobile device. Please DO NOT bring paper copies to the church.


Luke will bring the Bread and Wine to the pews for those wishing to receive Communion.


Government guidelines state that, “where possible, faith leaders should discourage cash donations and continue to use online or contactless giving and resources. “Where this is not an option, cash should be collected in a receptacle that is set aside…”.

We are aware that some prefer not to use contactless. So, both cash and contactless giving will be available at the service.

If you are eligible to Gift Aid your donation then please do so [it really does help us] by using your blue envelope or completing a white Gift Aid envelope while seated. The Collection will be collected in a silver bucket, which will be available before and after the service. Please place your envelope/cash in this bucket.

A card-reader will be available; preset to £5. To give £5, please present your card to the card-reader once and check that your payment has been recorded. If you would like to give a little extra, please present your card the appropriate number of times, checking after each that your payment has been recorded (e.g. to give £10, present your card separately twice to make two individual payments of £5). If you are eligible to Gift Aid your donation then please do so [it really does help us] by completing the Contactless Gift Aid Form that will be available next to the card-reader.

Face Coverings

As of 8 August, government guidelines require Face Coverings to be worn by everyone over the age of 11 at all times while inside the church building. To help with our finances, may we kindly ask that you bring your own Face Covering. However, please don’t worry if you are unable, or forget in the excitement of returning to church, we will have Face Coverings available.

Distanced Seating

Seating will be socially distanced at 2m and identified by a yellow cross. Please sit ONLY where directed by the Welcomers. Members of the same household are able to sit together.

Social Distancing | Catching up with friends

Naturally, we will all want to catch up with friends whom we may not have seen in a long while. We encourage you to do so. However, please do so in the church grounds; NOT inside the church. And, please always remember to maintain social distancing of 2m at all times inside the church building and within the church grounds.


Normally, we encourage children to be active during our services. However, in the current circumstances, children MUST remain seated at all times, except when entering/leaving or using the bathroom.


Please clean your seating area after use with anti-bacterial wipes provided. However, it will greatly help our finances if you are able to bring your own wipes. Hand sanitising stations will also be provided; please use regularly.


The bathroom will be available but MUST only be used by one person/family unit at a time.


We do not like preventing you enjoying yourself or socialising with your friends. However, in these unconventional times, we must hold our services in accordance with government guidelines. Therefore, the following are NOT allowed:

  • Singing
  • Talking/Socialising in church
  • Refreshments
  • Creative table – sorry kids!

If you have any questions, please contact Church Office