Venue:- All Saints Church Church Hill, Binfield RG42 5NS

Tickets are free but MUST be booked:
Tickets available online , click here from Sunday 1st October at 12.00 midday

Event 36/38/39-All   HANDBELL RINGING WORKSHOP in All Saints Church Binfield. No previous experience is required, you will learn to ring a hand bell and then progress to ringing a simple tune! Even if you do not have a musical background you will enjoy joining in with hand bells – there are two tutors Keith Rowland and Jill Glennerster with over 50 years experience between them. Hand Bell History: Handheld bells have a long history in this country going back to the late 17th Century. Originally, tuned sets of handbells were used by Tower bell ringers to practice the complicated algorithms of change ringing outside their towers offering a quieter and more versatile way of practicing whilst not annoying the church neighbours! It was also more pleasant for the ringers to learn and practise in the warmth of the local pub rather than in a cold tower in winter. The handbell sets used by change ringers had the same number of bells as in the towers – generally six to twelve, tuned to a diatonic scale.