Expanding our remit…

We have been mentioning that an update on our fundraising project would be coming and we are excited to be able to share what we have been working on.

With the situation we faced at St. Mark’s over this summer, we’ve seen that we need to be ensuring that there are funds for us to be able to look after both of our church buildings. All Saints’ is our beautiful and historical church, but St. Mark’s is also vital for our ability to operate outreach projects and as a community venue. We also have other spaces, such as our Parish Cemetery, to keep fit for purpose and all while, especially now, funds are hard to come by.

We have therefore created The Church Care Project as our new initiative to enable us to do this.

The aims of the Binfield ARC Project are still valid and money raised under this banner to date will be used to complete the critical repairs and updates COVID-19 and finances have delayed. New funds will be used across projects as needed and we will share more information via the church website and Facebook page.

So many of you have showed such amazing support for our work so far, we really hope you will continue to do so to aid the upkeep of our community spaces. Thank you as always!